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    Are you a new friend?

    Introducing the first in a series of comical books for kids and kittens,

    Miu and the Tres Leches Bandit

  • Hello people in the computer! This is a site about Miu, a kitten who lives around the house. Miu has two nice Owners and two best buddies, Baxi and Bear-Bear. Miu likes games, treats, and kitten cookies. Maybe you do too?

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    Miu has a fun story to tell you, and his best buddies are in it. 

    It all starts with milk. Do you like milk? Miu does. Miu's Owners have brought home some very special cake. It is called tres leches cake, and it is made with three kinds of milk. 

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    Miu had only ever had one kind of milk. That milk was very yummy. 

    How much yummier could three milks be? That would be the best thing for kittens! 

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    But how can Miu get some of the milky cake to try it? This is going to take some big thinkings...

    And maybe some kitten cookie crumbles. Read Miu and the Tres Leches Bandit to find out what happens next!

  • About the Author

    P.L. Rohe is a professional writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been writing Miu stories for a long, long time, but has not published them until now. This is her first book. You can read about P.L.'s approach to self-publishing on Women Write About Comics and on her Reddit Author Spotlight.

    Tell P.L. how you liked the book.

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    About the Illustrator

    Rachel Bowman is an illustrator and comics artist from Atlanta, GA. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010 and has created artwork for comic books, video games, educational children's books, and more. She draws inspiration from sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book worlds. She works in watercolor, ink, and digital media.


    Learn more about Rachel.

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    About the Book's Design

    Veridian Design Group's Andi Counts and Cameron Shiflett helped to take P.L.’s designs and layouts and turned them into a real book. Veridian has been transforming dreams into publications for more than 25 years. 

    Learn more about Veridian.

  • Where can you get Miu and the Tres Leches Bandit?


    Miu is available on Amazon for the Kindle and on all platforms through the Kindle app. You can also download Miu on Comixology. And don't forget to review Miu on Good Reads.

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    What's next for Miu?


    We hope we can translate Miu into Spanish.


    Also, Miu is working on two more adventures:


    Miu and the Kitten Who Wants to Grow Up to Be a Lion and Miu and the Too Stinky! Challenge. Miu will tell you when those books are done cooking so you can read them right away and not have to wait too long because nobody likes waiting, especially kittens.

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    Book information for people who like kittens and books about kittens with lots of pictures and not too many words:


    Miu and the Tres Leches Bandit

    By: P.L. Rohe

    Illustrations by: Rachel Bowman


    Copyright 2015 P.L. Rohe

    ISBN: 978-0-9966810-0-1


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